Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Honeymoon Hoax

Novel: The Honeymoon Hoax
Author: Linda Palmer
Publisher: Unical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: Adult

Six years as a divorce lawyer have convinced Sam Knight that wedded bliss and happily ever after are merely myths he wants no part in perpetuating. So when he discovers his Arkansas mountain fishing resort has been converted to a honeymoon hideaway, he storms into Wildwood, demanding an explanation from manager Libby Turner
Libby knows exactly how to show Sam the value of his remodeled investment. She will prove to this marriage Scrooge that love isn't a one-way ticket to divorce court. But with his rugged good looks and stubbornness, Sam is intimidating and more man than she's ever encountered. Can a hopeless romantic persuade a determined realist that sometimes fairy tales really do come true?


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