Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Uncertain Cuckold

The Uncertain Cuckold is an explosive, erotic tale of domination, humiliation, submission, sharing and denial. 

Matt encourages his beautiful and seductive fiancée Jill to sleep with an older, sophisticated man, named Gary. Matt has just one condition for Jill - he must be allowed to watch it happen. But no sooner do Jill and Gary begin kissing and undressing when she reveals a bombshell - she's booked a taxi to take Matt away for the evening. 

Jill discovers a part of herself she never knew. In submitting to another man, she has unleashed a fire of control on her husband-to-be, teasing and torturing him until he can take no more. She insists on seeing Gary again, the following weekend, with more plans in tow, conceding only that Matt can come along to watch, and perhaps to join in. Aroused but uncertain, Matt submits. 

Jill feels alive, propelled on a journey of discovery, both of self and of seduction. It is a journey she wishes to explore again and again... Despite Matt's growing protests, and his own unfolding, erratic and somewhat promiscuous behaviour. 

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