Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things that came as a shock when growing up.

Things that came as a shock when growing up.

Er..well ………like most of what your body does is normal ……….. No I still do not believe it!

Life is all about learning and some of the important things you do not learn until it is too late:

Like could someone have told me you can not get pregnant by just kissing ……… like told me before I left high school  !………………

So let me list normal stuff people forget to tell you:

  1. Just because you are paranoid it does not mean the world is not personally out to make your life a living hell.

  1. You will never ever be the right size, height, colour or shape for the latest fashion.

  1. The things that suit you best are now out of fashion and were never in your size in the first place.

  1. Acne is hormonal meaning it can affect you 365 ….24/7 ………..

  1. And acne will always strikes you on the night of a hot date no mater what time of the month it is.

  1. You will only discover that night club lights make a white cotton dress see through on the night you wear it without underwear.

  1. Biting people is normal for a growing girl and gives lots of extra vitamins.

  1. You are more likely to go to jail for stealing from the government than for killing someone.

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