Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Go Forth and Multiple .....or.... (Now **** off)

We the Vampire race have been around for a long time, if you think you humans had evaluation difficult you try having a T-Rex as your food of choice!

Now you would have thought we would be more religious than we are seeing some god or other has provided us with wholesome prepacked takeouts      er…..  humans  ….  all free and in such quantity! 

Do you remember my quote from the last blog?

And gods said unto Man:

“Go Forth and Multiple”

He then turned to Vampire and Said:

“Lunch is served, help yourself!”

But then when you have watched the gods at work over the millenniums you begin to worry about worshiping something that has put the cockroach at the top of the food chain!

You would have thought if a god had a chosen people he would have given them somewhere a little better than Canaan ………..it sounds more like a punishment ………… look have you been there? ………. Sand, Rocks, Goats and Ground to Air Missiles……………

“And as my Chosen People I will give you the land of Canaan”

“No you can’t have Florida !!!”

“er….ok so it is full of people at the moment, but you just tell them I said you can have it and I am sure they will understand……….”

“No I don’t have the deeds to it …………. Look I created everything, it was a lot of work,  like when do I have time to que up in a land registry?

Canaan (Northwest Semitic knan (Phoenician , Biblical Hebrew: כנען knan; Masoretic כְּנָעַן Kənáan) is a historical and biblical name roughly corresponding to the region encompassing modern-day Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, and the western parts of Jordan. Canaan was of geopolitical importance in the Late Bronze Age Amarna period because it was the area where the spheres of interest of the Egyptian and Hittite Empires converge.

Those Canaan Days

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