Friday, July 8, 2011

Removing your Panties for the first time with a Guy

OK I know it is a bit personal but you have to admit it, we all have one because we are Female, Guys have something different that says look I am a boy but we girls all have something hidden under our panties that says we are Female and can breed.

Well so it’s kinda personal and we all know they may all look slightly different in shape and size not that anyone would know unless we remove our panties and normally by that stage in a relationship with a guy he has long gone past caring what it looks like.

And yes it is not easy to see due to its location, but you just need to use a mirror to see it.

Yes being a female vampire the family brand is located on either your left or right hip and tells the world you are a girl and what family owns you and what rank you are in the Nest.

Of course once you rise up in status or are high born then you have a band of gold burnt in around it to let everyone know that you are an Alpha, and I mean to say who had the bright idea of stating the brand location to be on a hip ............ now what girl would ever want to drop her panties to prove she of high status ! ............er................ ok .................Lots of human A class Celebrities................ and well on a Saturday night some human girls just don't need an excuse to drop their panties ! 

If life was fair then you would have your family brand on your shoulder, but ho no .................some pervert of a male long ago decided that having it on the hip is the best place to show it off............   

Family brands can be so tacky looking, mine looks like a pink bat like and just who would come up with having a bat as a secret family sign, and what’s so secret about a family sign when you’re Aunt buys you a jumper designed with a large pink bat across your chest.

As to being Secret! Everyone knows us as the Pink Bat Family! I have pink bat earrings I even have little pink bats on my underwear! What does my Aunt think I am, Five!?

Batgirl/Catwoman Tribute - Good Girls Go Bad

Vampire Bats

Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell

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