Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All this and Family, too by Sarah Glenn

 On line Naked Chanting

Been out and about looking at some of the crazy sides of Facebook and some are quite good ……found a lovely paranormal group which like to look for demons and the such like and they seam very happy to have a vampire girl hanging about, which is more than I can say for some secret covens and cults on Facebook that invite a vampire in and then complain.

Looks like I am not the kind of person that can join a cult, i just can not take it serious as it just reminds me of ex boyfriends trying to explain to me that you need a 10 sided die to kill a dragon but a six sided die if you have a magic sword and other such crap.......hmg i know i am odd but even i have limits ....... and as to on line naked chanting together with a web cam…………..

Yeh right………. like that is so going to happen ……… I know I want to publicize my books but something like that is bound to end up on YouTube if not a porn site, and besides I would need warning so that I can do my hair first and have copies of my book surrounding me ………

Now talking about books I have just finished reading a great vampire book called:

All this and Family, too by Sarah Glenn

Now this book I can recommend to all vampire lovers, the book is very well written and funny the story flows very easy and you can see a very different side to life as a vampire, no graveyards or naked blood fests, a nice normal vampire girl with a nice normal job and nice normal human family with normal everyday problems …….er such as the problems of neighborhood watch and a group of vampire hunters ……….

Adjusting to life as a vampire hasn't been easy for Cynthia. Her partner murdered, stalked by a demented preacher-turned-vampire hunter, and forced to move across country from North Carolina to Irvine, California, Cynthia tackles undeath one battle at a time. With the help of her devoted grandmother, trusted brother, and Josie, a distracting runaway, Cynthia comes to realize that it is not walking in sunshine that makes a person human, and living in the shadows might shed light on the things most important to her survival-family, love, and controlling her thirst for blood.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and PillHillPress.com . You can get it in print, Kindle, and Nook.

A short link to the print version on Amazon: http://www.tinyurl.com/ATFTamazon .

Bio: The Author Sarah E. Glenn, a product of the suburbs, has a B.S. in Journalism, which is redundant if you think about it. By day, she works for the University of Kentucky. By night, she escapes her own banality through writing weird stories. They’ve appeared in G.W. Thomas’ Ghostbreakers series, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, and Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology.

Sarah developed strong ideals from her parents, a salesman turned missionary (redundancy runs in the family) and a social worker. Her knowledge of bureaucracy and infighting stem from working in her local police department, her university, and political volunteering. All This and Family, Too is her first novel.

Sarah E. Glenn  Author of "All This and Family, Too"   http://www.sarahglenn.com/


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