Thursday, September 1, 2011

Real Fur Undies and Book Reviews

Real Fur Undies and Book Reviews

Real Fur underwear and yes it is available and no I have not got any, not due to anything about being politically correct over the killing of animals for fur seeing I kill humans for blood, but more on the fact that I fear they would tickle like hell

Even leather underwear may sound good until you remove it and show the world the rub marks and as to smell ………….. Look you do know that wearing leather panties can create an interesting body aroma ……vampire have a good sense of smell…. Look just believe me, after a fight or a run across the roof tops wearing leather panties you will be as sore as hell and pong…. And as to guys wearing leather shorts …HMG guys smell as it is, well I like a guy hung like a horse and not smelling like one!   

So forget about Hollywood vampire in tight leather panties this vampire sticks to either cotton or silk for her panties…… ok ok so they are all black but that is normal for a vampire girl ok, well when I say all are black I am of course not counting birthday presents from my Aunt, it is not that I even wear the pink ones with little black bats on them she always buys me …well not every day and well they do have bats on them so they are vampire undies, and it would upset her if I did not wear them now wouldn’t it, and I do have leather pants and jacket so it is fine as now one knows apart from me, and of course my Aunt….er ….. and well now you.

Well I nearly forgot I am half way into a new book, the first of the darkness of the night trilogy by
Lisa Lane

The Darkness and the Night trilogy vid ……..

And it is sooooooo good…….. wow …….. and sexy and a fantastic plot and sexy…… 
Lisa Lane
is a wonderful story teller and so if you have not read these books you are missing out on a feast of a vampire experience …and a brand new idea of a story line it is to……...and …….did I say they are sexy ….wow .er……… Ok Guys reading this, sexy does not mean porn it means sexy …….. ho go ask your Mom if you don’t understand.  Guys HUH !

The Erotic Works of Author Lisa Lane

The Darkness and the Night trilogy follows Karen, a young college graduate just starting her adult life, as dynamics from her family’s past draw her in and forever alter her path.  In a revenge plot over a vampire her father killed twenty years ago (which subsequently had him committed to a mental institute), the vampire’s family arranges to have Karen turned—then left to kill or be killed by her “rehabilitated” father.

The plan goes awry when the blood bond between Karen and Billy, the vampire chosen to turn her, proves too strong for either of them to resist.  Karen finds herself thrust into a dark odyssey, struggling to cling to her humanity as she finds herself pursued from all directions.  Although each book in the trilogy can stand alone, the plots are intricately intertwined and are best read in order.  The series contains adult content and is intended for mature readers.

The Darkness and the Night trilogy is available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle:


Amazon UK:
The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee:

The Darkness and the Night 2: Cosmic O:

The Darkness and the Night 3: Twins of Darkness:

Stop by http://www.cerebralwriter.com/ for U.S. Amazon links and information on
Lisa Lane
’s other works.

Lisa Lane
(not to be confused with the famous chess player) is best known for her sci-fi erotic romance and erotic horror, although she also writes mixed genre science fiction and screenplays. She has a passion for writing speculative fiction with postmodern literary elements, which is evident by the hallmark gritty realism found in all of her works, regardless of genre.

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