Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sex Cults and Blood Drinking on Facebook

Facebook is so odd i get thrown out of online blood drinking cults by one lot then added into other groups by the ex members of the first group ....on line blood drinking? ...no don’t ask still trying to work that one out myself........
Just how come I get to be invited to these groups that are classified as secret or hidden?  And I will point out here and now ……. no way am i going to flash my boobs over any webcam no matter what the high priest of the FB group coven says so don’t ask again ! ………….. perverts ! ..ask again and I will report you!
Some of the groups I find are super cool and Friendly and the guys in the heavy metal groups are so polite and nice, it makes it a pleasure to visit them and they so love my more sexy types of blogs ........well they are guys so they are quite normal .......... lots have titles on vampires and such like and these are nice and always welcoming to a little vampire ....Guy FB Groups are nice and easy to be a member of, where as all female ones are .....well    ... you can smell the hormones a mile off and i get threatened by members of the occult ones  for commenting on what I see..........
I am even a member of a Egyptian town group ......like why invite me in I don't speak Egyptian and the wall conversations all in Arabic. .......... well i still post on thier wall in the hope that someone will want to buy a book once they learn English.
I even have membership in "Fur in Fashion" FB group with over 2000 member where I can watch all the postings of animal rights activists, they gently put thier points across by saying such things as:
as if that is going to put people off buying a nice mink coat and some comments like:
 "Whore in a hotel"
is a little abstract as a stand alone sentence.
Some Facebook groups are run by kings and queens with lots of rules, countesses and duchesses running things under them and the title is part of their facebook name, which only confuse me .
In Facebook you will be able to find anything you want including Cults and Covens and site on real fur in fashion, the strange things being the sites worshiping the dark side FB people are happy with but you should see the comments made by animal lovers on the real fur site ……….. people are happy having cults but not wearing fur?
The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre.[1] The word originally denoted a system of ritual practices. The narrower, derogatory sense of the word is a product of the 20th century, especially since the 1980s, and is considered subjective. It is also a result of the anti-cult movement which uses the word in reference to groups seen as authoritarian, exploitative and that are believed to use dangerous rituals or mind control. The word implies a group which is a minority in a given society. The word was first used in the early 17th century denoting homage paid to a divinity and derived from French culte or Latin cultus ‘worship,’ from cult- ‘inhabited, cultivated, worshiped,’ from the verb colere 'care, cultivation'.
And as to the idea of being thrown out of a group when everyone has multiple accounts in different names and can walk back in again or more likely already be a member of the same group several times …………
Membership of some groups have little sections this this:
1. Must be at Least 21 years of age
2. No DRAMA whatsoever ~ If Drama occurs & You are Involved , You WILL be Removed !
3. You Must be willing to interact with the Coven as much as possible . *example* shareing pictures , posting music videos on the music page , try your hands in The Horror Quiz , mingle with Coven .
We DO NOT expect you to be here 24\7 but we do EXPECT you to be seen !
4. RESPECT ALL ADMIN & LEADERS at all times !!! NO Exceptions !!!!
This is from one of the groups I was thrown out of, they did not like me posting question, they kinda had a little drama over me..er no. 2. and well no. 4 sounds very insecure ...is it just me or is it not normal that someone has to earn respect? ........... they even complained at te number of !!!!!!! i use and they use 7 themselves within 10 words
And when I filled in a online survey form I got all kinds of swearwords coming my way.

Survey "Required to fill out"

1. What is your Real Name ?

A: . 艾米...that's my real name are you sure this is the sort of thing you need to know most people are happy for an English translation

2. What is your REAL Age ?

A: . As most here only know the Gregorian calendar i will have to try and work things out the Chinese year is 4708 but you are on 2011 ...human age ..well I was about 16 when had to leave the human world and stuck at that ages for years and years well time in the Nest is hard to relate as it is all Luna orientated. but you can read that in my books, human ages are hard to give when you are not human, see question 3.

3. What Species are you ? *example* vampire , witch

A: Vampire of course and it is Vampire not Vampyre as I do not burst into flames  …er….look the word Pyre up if you don’t understand, are you sure you are a human cult? As one guys tells me he is a wolverine and a female says she is a mermaid ……………… but what the heck I’m a vampire and not spiciest …………….

errrrrrrr when is a witch a specie ?

4. What is your Outlook on the Dark Side ?

A: . Starwars? had a boyfriend that was a trekkie but star wars is more on the toys for boys line. Light and Dark? Most things are a little grey to me.

5. How do you Feel about Drama ?

A: drama ..life is a drama ……ok ok I like Shakespeare does that count? .................... well according to the rules you will get thrown out if you get involved in Drama

6. Do you disagree in anyway with Dark Poetry & or Pictures ?

A: no ...should i? ………… er…….. what is dark poetry and picture 

7. What Type of Music do you Like & do you Like to Post Music Videos

A: I have an online music collection on my vampire site and er……well sometimes


8. Do you get Disturbed by Blood , Guts & Gore ?

A: This is after asking what Specie I am in question 3.

9. Are you Open Minded ?

A: . open minded ..........you mean like guys having sex with sheep? ....god some guys will do anything to get on you tube,  ………… finding this out put me off eating lamb for months

10. What is your OutLook on Respect for your Elders\Leaders & fellow Beings ?

A: humans are walking snacks see question 3 a bit stupid at times but then they can’t help it so I try hard and not point it out too often

After This I was thrown out of the Coven ……………….well I was being honest, like what was wrong with my answers? As I have always said I am not cult material
Humans are not that bright at times………… well they are not !!!
And people don’t just change their name for facebook but also their gender …I just had a friend request from a girl well the account said female and interested in other females ……….. and the first thing this person says to me is that she is a he just pretending to be a girl and wants to be my friend………………..
This I am still trying to work out ………….. why pretend to be a girl to be my friend and then say you are a guy ……………. Saying you are a girl that likes girls on your profile hints that you are a little lesbo and really if you find a girl of your dreams in this way you will soon discover the relationship will end as soon as she meets you ……       ……  er…                   hint ……       .it is what is hanging between your legs that will ruin any Lisbeian relationships you plan on having ………..er…..think about it……….
And seeing I am not a lesbian you would have better luck having a profile saying male and liking females ……..…better still saying you are mega rich and about to die leaving it all to me will really get my juices flowing………… ok so 10/10 for honesty in saying you are a guy but a 0/10 for technique in trying to get a date with me.
I am very easy on the strange humans about and I would not even care if a guy was a transvestite unless he started wanting to wear my clothes or even worse buy the same dress in his size so that we can go out in matching clothes …….er………… no ….when I buy a dress I want people to be looking at me ………. Ok…….and  not a guy wearing the same thing but in 6 sizes larger.
Besides I like to wear very short dresses ………..well I have nice legs ……… and I like the way guys step into the road and getting run over while staring at my legs 
 ……………….  Well I am a vampire and not above road kill if it is fresh…………And er… well ..going back to the idea of a guy wearing a very short dress …………. Er….. It does not work, he would need to wear very tight panties to control the bits that the dress was not designed to hide.

Ranma ½ AMV - Ranma's *beep*


  1. This is just everyday life for me ............ I know the real life catholic church is having problems with the sexual behavior of more of thier priests but that should not encourage some Facsbook online Cult high priest asking to see my boobs over a webcam ......... huh and not even offering to take me out for a meal first! CHEAP AND A PERVERT