Tuesday, October 11, 2011

As a girl what it like going Topless on the beach full of guys

Going Topless on the beach

Look apes Im a vampire and so sunbathing is not that high on the my to do list, besides I am an Asian vampire and like only white folks sunbath as it give you cancer.

But I am still female so I keep an eye on fashion which in my world is normally black, tight and used to run around a field before I wore it, …………… leather you dumb apes!      

Black silk is soooooo nice to the skin………sigh ….but leather is stain proof, look have you ever tried to get dried bloodstains out of silk?

So what have I noticed in the fashion world, a stick on Bikini 

A Bikini Top held on by heat and nothing more!

Will this bikini fall off?

From the back, it looks like a girl has thrown caution to the wind. Turn around and it seems like a strapless bra - without any visible means of support.

But from a sunbather's point of view, this tiny strip of material could be the answer to a tanning dilemma.

The Demikini as it is known, is a backless bikini top that does away with the need to readjust straps in pursuit of the perfect line-free tan.

Thanks to a gel usually used in surgery, it has amazing sticking power, staying perfectly in place.

Ok so you have spare straps in case you need them …..er……...like where do you keep them when wearing a bikini?

Well they do not come with pockets and if you tuck them in anywhere it will look like you have tape worm.

So as long as you stay hot it will stay on …… ok…………

1.      Stay out of the water it will drop off and float away.

2.    On returning to the Hotel as so as the aircon hits you it will drop off

3.    if it clouds over it will drop off

4.    Would I risk it …. Noooooooooooo

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