Friday, January 13, 2012

Girls playing with themselves is what my Aunt calls it

Girls playing with themselves is what my Aunt calls it ..........

I prefer to call it exercising my fingers ……and sometimes my toes as I am very flexible.

Some girls like to do it laying on the bed while they watch some hot guy on TV.

Me? I do it I like to watch a good wild life film showing Lions attacking wilder beasts and dragging them down in a mess of blood guts and gore …………. Yes it is normal, I'm a vampire now shut up …………….

All girls do it and it is good for you, I keep something special hidden under my bed to help and it is so good and hard it will take some time to wear it out.

Mine is made from seasoned oak smooth and polished to stop one getting splinters.

Yes I lay on the bed and placing the block of oak on my tummy I strike it with my claws and when I have a good grip I then bring my toe claws up to try and pull it away or to just lash out with them to create nice score marks in the wood. Yes I expect you have seen pet cats do it, but have you seen them take a mans head off with a single strick, no? well I can!.

Old mature oak I find is good and strong but I can still rip good size chucks out of it and wow does it feel good ……yes I do vacuum up the chippings before I sleep,…...I mean it is such a nice feeling to stretch ones claws in this way, and you will appreciate the exercise next time you are hanging from a ceiling by your finger nails.

And ceiling hanging is so important when you want to surprise you’re pray by dropping on them and I can tell you something dropping on you from a height with four sets of very sharp claws is normally a terminal type of surprise.

As I said my Aunt calls it girls playing with themselves and I so wish she would not as one gets some very funny looks on visitor’s faces when she tells them what I am doing in my bedroom!

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