Monday, February 6, 2012

Wear a short skirt with no panties and freeze your butt of on a street corner somewhere

I need to make some money and well I have nice legs and with a nice micro skirt and a snug fitting top I could find some way to get a guy to part with some money and what with how cold it is at the moment you could hang a coat from my chest if you know what I mean and that always gets a guys attention, but then we are talking about guys here and that means the sight of two scoops of ice-cream will get most guys excited.

If I had money I could put some heating on and it is you the readers fault! …yes it is ……….if you would just go and buy some more of my books I could keep warm.

What I would love to wear is tight black leather and no not that plastic crap it smells when it gets hot, I want the real thing ! yes, yes, yes, I want some animal to die to make me look good ……………

Ho god can one look sexy in black leather top and pants finished off with a pair or knee length black boots ………………sigh ……………… and before people start complaining about me killing animals to look good just look down at your feet and unless you are cheap and think plastic is a good choice in fashionable foot wear ………….er…..no it is not …………. With that sort of thinking you may as well go of a plastic short skirt with no panties and freeze your butt of on a street corner somewhere.

I’m also in need of a nice fur coat, well it is winter and just because I have fangs and claws it does not mean I don’t get cold and my own little area of fur is kinda limited so I am happy to wear another animals coat……..Mink would be nice, me and anti fur campaigners?   Hah! Noooooooow just pass me a club and stand back ………..er……… come here nice little mink come and join the rest of the coat? 

Look you have been watching far too much twilight I’m not that sort of vampire, this vampire bites ! and she is also frigging cold in winter ……………………..

GO BUY A BOOK OR YOU WILL BE THE NEXT ANIMAL TO BECOME EXTINCT !!!!!!!!! Don’t say I did not warn you if this winter gets any colder I’m not just going to bite you but skin you as well ……………  PS if you have purchased a book please keep the receipt on you as vampire protection by holding it out in front of you……….

Look here is me furless...Im the one on the right Ice is the one on the left and if you think she is sexy you should see her brother ...................... sigh

Well I’m not the only one you humans like fur take a look :

Get ready for your sexy fur and leather induced orgasm...

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that will keep me warm ...............

One of Norisol Ferrari's earliest memories is of lying on the floor of a Neiman Marcus fur salon dreaming of being surrounded in this finery for all of her life.  Born and raised in New York, with  Venezuelan roots and years of traveling, Norisol's began a lifetime appreciation and love of different cultural aesthetics, beauty and timeless glamour. Each one of her pieces is a hand-made work of art and many of them are one-of-a-kind creations.  At the core of her work are historical uses of classic men's tailoring grounded in utilitarion philosophy.

"It comes down to empowering my costumer with what is important to them and inspiring them. In this incredible and sometimes difficult journey we call life, we often need reminders of the wonderful world we live in – a coat, made from nature’s bounty and designed to fit perfectly, protecting us from the elements while holding us safely in comfort has a way of making us feel like the magnificent beings we are."

visit www.norisolferrari.com/ to experience her collection.

It is said that leather has no age. This is one of those fabrics that enjoys a history of thousands of years. Even from the Paleolithic they were discovered mural paintings revealing the fact that people were wearing different items made from animal skin. Then, there were the Greeks and Romans who used leather in order to make shoes or military uniforms. In fashion, the leather jacket became famous due to cinema development. The movie “The Wild One”, in 1953, in which Marlon Brando appeared in a leather jacket was the point when this item became a real fashion statement.

The most common idea when choosing a leather jacket is to go for the classic type. However, as this should be a fashion statement meant to complete a dull outfit, why not to try a more extravagant one with different applications or special tailoring. Still, you can keep the classic model as a back-up plan. You can match the biker jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and ballerina flats, or with flare pants or jeans, a blouse and a pair of platform shoes.


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