Friday, July 27, 2012

Naked High School Girls in Anime

Ok  I do watch a lot of anime and I also love manga which is why my book sometimes have a anime film script feel to them.

Look buy one here and you will see what I mean:

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Anyway as I said I view lots of anime and I am happy with flying dragons and magic pigs but sometimes I come across one that is beyond my belief

I have not got the series but I found three episodes in English on youtube so take a look.

It is called needless special and well it is pretty needless and mostly impossible

Look its about a guy looking for his sister that pretends to be a girl and enter an all girls nudist school ………well it must be as they spend every day taking their clothes off and walking about naked.

Yes I know it is a guys idea of what a girls school would be like but guys …. Your imaginations are so out of place and errrr WRONG

Look at school you learn to change without showing your body as you are a teenager and normally as embarrassed as hell about what you have or not have so you learn neat tricks like taking your bra off without taking your top off. And walking about naked is something you do not do.

Next my moan about this anime is just how the hell can a boy get away with pretending to be a girl ! ok so I don’t know what age he is supposed to be but all his classmates have boobies and his chest is as flat as a pancake perhaps he should have invested in a course of botox for his chest.

Shouldn’t his voice have dropped? And how come his boy bits are not noticed when all he is wearing is a thin pair of girl panties?

Yes ok ok I know it is all make believe and I guess the whole plot is to show girls getting naked

Look take a look yourselves

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