Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Going shopping in the Nude

As my book says being a vampire is not easy, it is not all dressing in black and spending a fortune in dental floss

Some times i think I am a round peg sort of person living in a sq hole world, to day the local mega store had a sale on light bulbs so i got 15.

Yes just because I am a vampire does not mean I have to always have to use the dribbling black candles

 The automatic pay till no longer gives bags and there I am trying to hold 15 bulbs so I put them back in the basket to go look for a box.

The basket has a door sensor alarm which I set off looking for a box, after finding a box I set the alarms back off again bringing the basket back.

Now as for the alarms no one takes a blind bit of notice of them, and the thing is I wouldn't have cared if they had as the first to complain would find themselves carrying the bulbs for me.............

What stupid human decided that bulbs should come in two types of fitting?

The only reason for this is to upset anyone that has to stand on two boxes to reach the darn fitting to discover they have the wrong bulb!!!!!
What I need is an Igor servant to get the shopping

But no cash so ………………..

Buy a book !!!!!!!!!!

If not don’t blame me if people start finding an odd corpse laying outside a mega store with neck wounds and a screw fit bulb stuck in their mouth!


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