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kindle vampire books

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5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Delightful 4 Feb 2012
By N. Medina - Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition
For centuries, it's been said that vampires live amongst us. That their way of life is similar to ours, even if they live in secret. It's also been said they don't eat, sleep, or even breathe. Myths surrounding vampires also tell us that they've wings and can turn into bats, amongst other things.

With this guide for the every day vampire girl, Amy Mah puts all those myths to rest. Vampires do breath and sleep and they very much eat. There's just a certain etiquette one must follow in order to acquaint themselves with the right or wrong way in which to live life as a vampire.

Vampires go through the same hardships as we do, but as the guide defines, they have it harder than we do. From the moment they are born, (unless they're turned), every aspect of a teenage vampire girl's life is dictated. Heck, they're even contracted for marriage way before they're even born.

Despite that fact, this delightful guide tells us the right way to go about things in the vampire world. Undergarments, lipstick, fashion, boyfriends, food - you name it, there's a rule for that. Regardless of what you're told immortality is not a given, as vampires can also die. A vampire's saving grace is the fact that they've a longer life span.

As depicted within Amy's guide, etiquette and proper grooming is the key in getting the best out of the vampiric world. And if you ever thought that vampires don't date then think again. They do. Just their way of doing things is quite different from ours. Plus, there's the fact that they bite.

This handy little guide on etiquette and all things vampire in a teenager's world is a definite must have. It'll definitely teach you a thing or two on how to stay alive and co-exist in today's vampiric, and human-alike, society.

So if you ever find yourself skulking around in a dark alley and happen to meet a hunky vampire, or two or three, just remember the lessons learned in this cheeky little book Amy has put together. Remembering the golden rules of being a vampire will surely help you stay alive. And remember, don't forget to carry around one of those handy blood packs in case you ever get the munchies!

I so totally enjoyed reading this book. It's humor and insight into a teenage vampire's world was truly delightful. Humans and vampires-alike will love the sass and spunk found within every page. The advice offered can certainly be implemented into just about anything.

The illustrations found within the book were very beautiful and nicely put together. I felt each one added a deeper perception to the story. The pictures were certainly eye-candy for sure. A definite must-read!

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