Sunday, July 15, 2012

Naked Vampires with large bouncing Boobs

Naked vampires with large bouncing Boobs 

How many times have I got to say this it is only the turned female vampires (ex-humans and now undead) Hollywood style that have perfect boobs and like to go around wearing a thin see-through nightdress with no panties.

Normal vampires like me……. well we like to wear clothing and with how cold the caves or castles are thick clothing! 

My flannelette Nightdress could only be deemed see-through if you have x-ray vision!  

So the idea of beds containing naked vampires in old castles is only for the movies, er.......... castles the same as caves are cold, damp and draughty at the best of times and they are like very cold in winter! 

Shall I put it another way, vampires are not always the best of company when they are happy so it is best not to meet one with a cold ! 

I have checked with my family and the only vampire I know that wears a night shirt for sleeping is my Uncle, his sister my Aunt wears more in bed than see does during the day including a layer of cats which join her in bed!

My boyfriend ‘Max’ says he only wears a smile in bed and I can come and check anytime ! 

But his sister my bestie friend ‘Ice’ says he wears a smelly old Tee and shorts which their Mom has threatened to burn if he forgets to put out to wash again.

She, that is Ice and not her Mom wears a top and shorts in bed, myself if anyone is interested I wear PJs and in winter a flannelette nightdress over them, plus I also keep my underwear on as my bedroom is cold, unless Bambi my maid sleeps with me, then we can cuddy up together.

Look ! how many times must I repeat myself, just because guys can’t sleep together or it can mean them playing a game of hide the sausage, it does not mean that being a girl sleeping with another girl makes you a lesbian, sometimes it just means the bedrooms are DARN COLD ! Plus if you sleep with your maid she can act as a  snack …………. Well getting out of bed to go walking about bare footed on ice cold floors just makes you colder still by having to stop and take a piss……yes the cold also does that to a vampires bladder …. And having Marble toilets sound so exotic until you get your butt frozen onto one! ……the first to laugh I will bite OK !!!  

If you want to know more about my cute butt………. Well you will have to buy my book! ….hehehehehe ….it is fully illustrated and I do mean FULLY illustrated……

Ho yes I do tell Max (boyfriend) that I always sleep in the nude ……. hehehe .....as it will give him something to dream about !!!! ………. Guys can have such vivid imaginations at times …………


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